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Cernoy en Berry- Fontaine St Loup
Cernoy en Berry- Fontaine St Loup
Crédit photo : J. PUYO.

The Saint Loup fountain was for many years a place of pilgrimage, where, according to the legend, those who dip their clothes in the fountain will be cured of fear.

In the village itself are some houses made of bricks from local brickworks which used to be at the Tuilerie.

Cernoy en Berry- Girouette de Jericho
Cernoy en Berry- Girouette de Jericho
Crédit photo : J. PUYO.

St Martin’s church dates from the 19th century.Your can admire the weathercock of Jericho representing an angel blowing in a trumpet

The renovated washing place, located on the banks of a local water way, is at the origin of a legend about the “Bérouettes de Carnoué” (the wheelbarrows of Cernoy).

Château de la Vaizerie (private) on the road to Saint Firmin.

Identity card of the municipality

- 473 inhabitants
- Mayor : Ms Valérie DANIEL
- Enquiries : 2 rue de Concressault - 45360 Cernoy en Berry
- Tel : 02 38 31 47 02
- Fax : 02 38 31 19 55
- Email : send an email

- Opening to the public of the City Hall hours
Tuesday to Thursday : from 1 pm and 5 pm, Friday from 1 pm to 4 pm, Saturday from 8 am to 11:30 pm.



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