Briare Port de plaisance
Briare Port de plaisance

The city took its expansion under Henri IV with the construction of the « Loyre in Seyne » channel that will become the Briare canal. This channel was built between 1604 and 1641, connects the Loire to the Seine River, and employed more than 6,000 men in its construction.

“Pont Canal” : The construction of the metallic canal bridge, today the longest in Europe (662.69 metres), was started in 1890 (stonework was by Eiffel). Completed in 1894 and filled in 1896, it made it possible for barges and pleasure boats to cross the Loire river. Briare canal was made between 1604 and 1641 employing over 6 000 men for its construction

Briare Pont Canal
Briare Pont Canal

Town Centre, the pleasure Port, labeled "Blue flag", has a pleasant walk that evokes the holiday.

The Town Hall is a former feudal castle transformed during the Renaissance period and again in the 18th century.

Built between 1890 and 1895, in romanesque-byzantine style, St-Etienne’s church is listed in the complementary classification of Historic Monuments. The front (pediment and frieze) is decorated with enamels and the floor is entirely covered with symbolic designs made of mosaics made by the Manufacture des Emaux, in Briare, which give the church outstanding features.

Rivotte farm used to rear dairy cattle, and in the second half of the 19th century the casein extracted from the milk was used in the production process to make enamel buttons at the Bapterosses Manufacture.

The city hosts 2 museums

Briare Musée des emaux et de la mosaique
Briare Musée des emaux et de la mosaique

- Musée de la Mosaïque et des Emaux de Briare : Presenting a collection of works of art, machines, texts, engravings and objects, the museum traces the 160-year history of the industry serving art
- Musée des Deux Marines et du Pont Canal : This visit offers an unusual vision of the world of inland navigation and boatmen of the Loire and canals. A vast collection of objects takes us through a variety of themes based on the history, economics, techniques and industries related to waterways.

Identity card of the municipality

Blason Briare
Blason Briare

- 5.937 inhabitants
- Mayor : Mr Pierre François BOUGUET
- Enquiries : Place Charles de Gaulle – 45250 Briare
- Tel : 02 38 31 20 08
- Fax : 02 38 31 24 39
- Email : send an email
- Web : consult the website

- Opening to the public of the City Hall hours
Monday to Thursday : from 8:30 am to 12 pm and from 1 : 30 pm to 6 pm, Friday from 8:30 am to 12 pm and from 1 : 30 pm to 5 pm.


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